Dyson Report Special


This week's show is a Dyson Report Special.

The guest host is Nick Hart from the Achtung! Millwall podcast and Cold Blow Lane magazine (‪@CBL_Magazine ).

On this week's show is Steve Kavanagh (Millwall CEO) talking about what the club is doing and has done regarding the Regen.

The second guest on the show is Ross Archer from the Lewisham Conservative party and is the Mayoral candidate for the 2018 mayor election in Lewisham.

‬If you want to follow him on twitter or ask him a question from this weeks show contact him: ‪@RossArcher1

Ross's statement regarding the Dyson Report:https://t.co/9w0GRqUcVv?amp=1

We would love to hear you feed back please use #LLDYSONREPORTSPECIAL

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